Grooming the Run


The sledding run is closed to all every day from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. for grooming. During this time, snow groomers are in operation – there is a risk of death or serious injury.

Grooming the sledding run

During the winter season, our snow groomers are in operation every day to provide our guests with a perfectly-groomed sledding run. Our staff is at work on the run with heavy equipment in the evening once the run has been closed, or in the early hours of the morning, depending on the snow and weather conditions.

Nevertheless, our guests are sometimes dissatisifed with state of the run. As a rule, this is not due to insufficient grooming but rather to circumstances beyond our control. Despite careful grooming, the run is at times "bumpy", "icy" or "slushy". This will depend on the prevailing snow and weather conditions, extreme temperature fluctuations and the number of people using the run.           

If it has snowed overnight, for example, our snow groomers are under way in the early hours of the morning. Because freshly prepared new snow cannot bind firmly with the snow already on the ground by the time the run is opened, the run will seem very soft. If snow continues to fall while the run is being groomed, it might be the case that the run, which was groomed in the early morning hours, has a new layer of snow on it by the time the run is opened, thus giving the impression that it has not been groomed at all.  If on such days there are also a large number of sledders on the run, bothersome piles of snow can develop very early in the day. Unfortunately, it is not possible to groom the run while it is open for reasons of safety and liability.

In the spring, the snow can become very soft and heavy during the day due to high temperatures. In other words, the snow becomes "slushy". At night, the temperatures once again fall below zero and the snow freezes. This often results in an icy run in the morning. This means that it is not only the level of experience that our staff has that plays a major role in determining the quality of the groomed run but also the weather.


Snow-making equipment is nothing new in ski areas throughout the Alpine region and it is indispensable for ensuring high-quality slopes. To exploit the advantages of guaranteed snow and ensure the consistent quality of the natural sledding run on Wallberg mountain, equipment for creating an artificial snow depot was installed on the mountain in 2010. The system is located near the bottom station and comprises a snow gun, a mobile cooling tower and an underground pumping station. The system is fed with surplus water from the Rottach-Egern water supply.