Ski Trail

Several decades ago, Wallberg mountain was a popular ski area among people living in Munich. There were a few T-bar lifts and you could first of all make your way down the mountain at a leisurely pace before plunging down the infamous Glaslhang and racing daredevil-style through the Kanonenrohr. The record set by legendary Olympic ski champion Toni Sailer, also called "the black thunderbolt from Kitz", holds to this very day. In 1954, he won the "Golden Wallberg Shield" with a time of 2:22.7 minutes – and his personal best has never been beaten.

Operation of the ski lifts has long ended, but Wallberg mountain remains an attraction for skilled skiers and snowboarders: the ski trail via Erlenhang and Glaslhang, previously a groomed "black" run used by the International Ski Federation, is now an insider's tip for free-riders and powder snow enthusiasts. However, the 3.2-kilometer run is only recommended for proficient skiers and snowboarders. Beginners and intermediate skiers will quickly find themselves out of their depth. Please do not overestimate your skiing abilities.

The run is closed if there is a risk of avalanches. You can obtain the latest avalanche information from the Bavarian avalanche warning service.