Welcome to "sunshine mountain" high above Tegernsee lake

Experience a wonderful sense of freedom and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view during a trip up Wallberg mountain in our cable car. Enjoy the magnificent feeling of exhilaration as you glide towards the sky with a view of the pictures to Tegernsee lake below you. With every metre you ascend you can leave your everyday life farther and farher behind you.

The luxury of choice

…awaits you on Wallberg mountain and in the surrounding area. Regardless of whether you are in the mood for “simply” walking up the 100 metres in height between the top of the cable car station and the mountain peak or whether you are looking for a real challenge, the spectacular hiking area from Risserkogel to Setzberg offers you so many possibilities. The only thing limiting you is potentially  the time at your disposal.


The Wallbergbahn is in operation daily from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (last ascent / descent).

Please note that in bad weather conditions and in the off-season there may also be short-term
operational restrictions around lunchtime. Because of this, there will be no reimbursement for trips.

You can get the relevant information at Tel. +49 8022 7053-70