Sledding Basics

Please remember that anyone wishing to use the sledding run must behave accordingly. Only by observing the normal rules of conduct will you be able to fully enjoy your sledding experience and avoid taking unnecessary risks.


Sledding technique & behaviour on the sledding run


For fun & safety: sturdy shoes with a tread, snowproof trousers & jacket, gloves, helmet & ski goggles.

Sitting correctly

One hand holds the rope, one hand grabs the back of the sled, both feet are on the ground.


Place both feet on the sides of the sled in the snow, all of your shoe soles maintaining contact with the ground. Lift the front of the sled with both hands and stay put.

Steering correctly

Push one foot with the heel into the ground, upper body leaning into the curve. Use your left foot for a left turn, your right foot for a right turn.


When passing another sled, please keep a sufficient lateral distance and warn before passing, for example "Obacht!" (watch out!)  or “Aus der Bahn!"(out of the way!).



Be considerate

Everyone needs to be considerate: the fast ones minding the slow ones and the slow ones minding the fast ones. Safety takes priority!

Keep your distance

Do not get too close to the sled in front of you. Do not pass the sled in front of you without cautioning.






In case of overturn

Do not let the rope go! Leave the coasting slide immediately with the sled! Never pause behind a curve on the coasting slide!





Be careful when sledding!

Anyone who uses the coasting slide has to mind his own behavior and be considerate to others. Inconsiderate behavior causes a prohibition of access to the coasting slide! In an emergency, please dial the telephone number 112!